Thanksgiving in Rincon, Puerto Rico

We rolled into Rincon on Thanksgiving day sometime after noon. Hungry for lunch, we headed towards Balnearo de Rincon thinking we could perhaps find a place along the water to grab a bite. We passed through an archway to see a restaurant with a buffet right on the water. Turns out it was a Thanksgiving feast for their employees.

We took a moment to enjoy the sun while the husband spoke with the locals. Turns out, all the restaurants in the area were closed due to the holiday, but they pointed us to some food trucks which they said were up the road a block away. Off we trekked the short distance up a small hill.

We found the food trucks that were mentioned at the corner of Calle Cambija and Cam Carretas/413. There were a couple food trucks on an otherwise empty corner lot. Each truck had a picnic table or two for al fresco dining.

Rincon Smoke Shack had Thanksgiving feasts to order, so my family each had one of the specials and I decided on a different food truck serving sliders aka The Slider Shop P.R. I was able to get a vegetarian slider(a rarity in PR!) to satisfy my needs.

We enjoyed an impromptu picnic at one of the tables along with a shot of the festive Puerto Rican eggnog called “Coquito,” which they included with our Thanksgiving meal. Although the warm sunshine was pleasant, the shade provided by the covered patio area was appreciated. It hit the spot and saved our day with a much needed meal! 

Turkey and all the fixin’s
Vegetarian slider and chips

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