Italy Bathroom

We all have that moment when we immediately regret something. Right?

We were waiting for the train and my niece was using the restroom. When she exited I decided I would just pop in real quick and go pee. The door shut and I went to sit down and as I did the toilet started to slide away. Then the spray jets turned on to clean the floors! I screamed as I was startled. There are no windows and the door hermetically seals, there was no way out- I just had to wait for it to be over. When I exited with my wet shoes, the kids had a puzzled look on their face and I started laughing. It was all very funny after the fact and they won’t make the same mistake I did, thats for sure!  I was really glad my head didn’t get wet and it didn’t ruin my hearing aid in the process! 

This is why you must always pay for the toilet when traveling! Many public restrooms in Italy and France are self-cleaning like this; which is nice since it keeps things cleaned between uses. Another reason to never complain about paying for use of a restroom! Don’t do what I did.